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Our Lord and our God, with heart full of gratitude we come before You, thanking You for the beginning of another session of the Synod of our Diocese. We thank You for the President of the Synod, Your Son and servant, the Rt. Revd Dr. James Olusola Odedeji, whom you have given grace to oversee this great Diocese. We thank You for his life, his family and his ministry. It can only be you Who has been upholding and sustaining him. We thank You for all the Clergy and all the lay members of this Diocese. We are grateful for all the progress made throughout the length and breadth of our Diocese. May Your name be praised for ever and ever. We pray for wisdom, strength and leading of the Holy Spirit for our Bishop as he leads us in this session. Grant him your excellent Spirit, and discernment in Jesus name.

Dear heavenly Father, with humble heart we gather together seeking your guidance and wisdom as we embark on this journey of faith; united in our desire to fight the good fight of faith, just as your servant Paul urged Timothy in his letter. We ask that You help us to be strong and steadfast in our conviction, never wavering in our commitment to proclaim your truth and love. Grant us the courage to defend our faith against the forces that seek to deceive us and distort Your Word. Give us the grace to recognise the battle ahead of us and to trust in your sovereign plan. Grant unto us victory over all the enemies of our faith and at the end enable us to attain eternal life.

Lord, we pray for our beloved country, Nigeria: a land flowing with milk and honey. We pray for our President and all those working with him. We pray for the Governors, particularly the Lagos State Governor, that You will grant them wisdom to steer the ship of our nation and as they put policies in place to alleviate the suffering of the citizens, that You will guide them into success.

We lift up all Church leaders and shepherd of the flock who faithfully serve your church; that you will grant them strength and perseverance in the face of adversity. Fill their hearts with courage, passion and unwavering faith to lead your flock with wisdom and integrity.

Lord, we remember all those who are struggling in their faith, facing doubt or uncertainty. May this Synod serve as a beacon of hope for them, a reminder that they are not alone in the fight. Encourage and strengthen them, oh Lord, by the power of Your Holy Spirit. Surround them with Your love and grant them a deep sense of your presence.

Finally, we pray for all who are gathering at this Synod, that You will grant us unity of purpose and a humble spirit to listen to one another with open heart. Bless our discussions, our debates and decision-making processes with Your divine wisdom. May Your Holy Spirit guide us as we seek to discern Your will and how best to fight for the faith you have entrusted to us.

All these and many others we request in the name of Your Son, our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen.


2021 Bishop's Charge:

Tell the Story. Keep the Faith


It was passed many years ago at the Synod that Covenant Seeeders should be collected as offering in all our churches in the Diocese for the work of Evangelism in the Diocese.