Text: Gen. 2: 20 – 25.
Aim: To show every citizen of heaven the essence of Marriage.

Introduction: Marriage is the union between a mature man and a mature woman as husband and wife, according to the standard set by God. Marriage is a divine institution authorized and established by God and not a society idea (Gen. 2:18). Marriage was designed to form a permanent bond of union between man and woman that; they might be mutually helpful to each other. Marriage with non-Christians was strongly discouraged by God. Deut. 7:1-6; Exo.34:15-16. II Cor. 6: 14. They are not in the same kingdom; they are not headed in the same direction.

Points to note:
- Stages in Marriage: Courtship (Single); Honeymoon. Deut. 24: 5. And the period of reality. (Marriage not Wedding).
- The ideal man. Eph.5:25.
- Openness and not pretence Gen. 2: 25
- Discovering God. Gen. 1: 26 – 27.
- Discovering your purpose and working on your purpose. Gen. 2: 20.

Questions for Discussion:
1. Why Marriage? Gen. 2: 18; Gen. 1: 28.
2. What is a Godly marriage?
3. Mention some issues that create a serious unstable condition in marriage?
4. What is the best gift you can give your spouse?

Conclusion: You must build a fence around yourself, your fence is your husband, if you are not interested in your Husband, probably you will have interest in something else like; telephone: facebook, whatsapp and pinging. Be submissive and ready to serve; do not love your children than your husband.

Food for thought: Your nature must change before your action can change.

Memory Verse: Genesis 2: 25.

By Revd Femi Ajisafe




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