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Happy Prosperous New Year to all our members in St John’s Anglican Church, Iju-Ishaga. We appreciate God for bring us to this year 2022. The Lord will be with us throughout in Jesus name. The theme of the Year 2022 from our Lord Bishop, the Rt Revd Dr. James Olusola Odedeji is “DRY BONES SHALL RISE AGAIN” (Ezek 37:3). Indeed every dry bone in your life, family, church, society and Nigeria at large will rise again in Jesus name. Let us wait on the Lord as He releases word of Prophesy through the men of God in this course of the year for our rising again in Jesus name. Your dry bone will rise again in Jesus name.

Remove Divine guidance from a man, such a man will be a victim of frustrated life. Divine Guidance is the key you need this year to guide you into His fulfillment for your lives. God will definitely visit you and guide into your restoration in the name of Jesus Christ.

Prophet Ezekiel was divinely guided for every step to follow for the dry bones to receive life and to be restored into wholeness. You need to pay attention to obey every to instruction, warnings, reproof and correction to be able to scale each day of the year 2022. You cannot continue to walk alone in your own way and understanding. In all your way acknowledge God and he will guide your path (Prov 3:5-6). Trust Him more this year and He will guide you.

According to the scripture, divine guidance means to get advice or help from God. A road map to know the right steps to take for a godly life. It also helps Christians to resolve problems and overcome difficult situations. Another word for divine guidance is supernatural help.

Keys to Divine Direction

Walking in a divine direction has some requirements to access god’s mind. As you know, overcoming the challenges of the wilderness requires dependence on God.

Here are the requirements for divine guidance

  1. The indwelling of The Holy Spirit
  2. Depend on God’s Wisdom
  3. Total Obedience to The Holy Spirit


  1. The indwelling of The Holy Spirit

The first key to walking in divine direction is to have the spirit of God dwell inside of you. If you have the personal indwelling of the Holy Spirit, you will always get guidance from God.

  1. Depend on God’s Wisdom

You must, first of all, decide to depend on the wisdom of God. It does not imply in any way that you would not engage in cognitive activities.

Depending on the wisdom of God means that you would allow the scripture and Holy Spirit to be the pilot of your life. In certain situations, your knowledge may fail you. But the wisdom of Christ does not have any deficiency.

The first step to depend on the wisdom of God is to study the scripture. Not reading the bible but spending quality time to understand the word of God. From this very moment, learn to depend on God’s wisdom.

  1. Total Obedience to The Holy Spirit

You can only enjoy the benefits of divine guidance when you obey the instructions of God in totality. Like the Israelites, you must heed to the voice of God. Be ready to obey God.

When the lord says that you should perform a task, do it. You do not need to give an excuse on why you cannot do it. It is important to note that God will not give you a task he knows that you cannot handle. He does not work that way. He bestows the divine ability to all his children.




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