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In our text, the disciples were individuals from the regular backside of life, without influence/affluence. But they were in one place and in one accord, praying and expecting the promise of God. And when the Holy Spirit came upon them, everything changed and their lives began to draw positive attention from all works of life, all who saw or heard about them were amazed. Acts 2:1,4,6&7. This calls us to: • Be at peace with all… • Be prayerful… • Be expectant… We're presently living in a perilous time, the period known as the last days. Days preceding the rapture, period of gloominess, great perils, and uncertainties; high decline of economy, the fear and love for God; great increase in immorality and wickedness etc. And the scripture says: …because lawlessness will abound, the love of many will grow cold… Matthew 24:10-13. Beloved, are you going through tough times? Is the present economy and price increase of everything apart from your income having a negative effect on you? Is your prayer life going down and your love for God growing cold? Is your faith failing and you are losing hope? Please don’t give up, there is a sound of abundance of rain for you; revive your spirit and be expectant. God is amazing and about to do amazing things in your life which the whole world will hear and marvel, and your testimony will be like that of Sarah in Genesis 21:6-7.




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