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Q:         Who created you?
A:        God who is mighty, who created heaven and earth He created me?

Q:         What does God do for you?
A:        God protects me day and night, from perils of the night, and he does good for me all the time.

Q:         What would you be doing for this mighty God who is doing good for you like this?
A:        I should learn how to know God and I should do all things that please Him.

Q:         Where has God taught you how to know Him and to do things that will please Him?
A:        The Word of God in the Bible has taught me how to know God and how to please Him.

Q:         Do you know who God is?
A:        God is Spirit, even if I do not see Him, but he is seeing me, He know all things, and He can do all things.

Q:         What would you do to please God?
A:        I would have done my duty to God and my duties to my neighbour then I will be pleasing God.

Q:         What is your duty to God?
A:        My duty to God is to fear Him, to honour Him, to worship Him, to pray to Him, and to praise Him.

Q:         What is your duty to man?
A:        My duty to man is to obey my parents, to speak the truth all the time, and to be honest and good to all.

Q:         What good are you expecting if you try to please God?
A:        If I do what pleases God I will become His child, and I will have God as my Father and Friend for ever.

Q:         What would you be if you do not fear God, and if you do not please Him?
A:        If I do not fear God and do not love Him, and do not please Him I would be a bad child, and the mighty God will be very much angry with me.

Q:         Why do you fear the anger of God?
A:        I cannot but fear God because He can kill my body and destroy my soul in hell after my body is dead.

Q:         Have you ever done anything that will make God angry against you?
A:        I have sinned many times against God, and I owe the debt of His wrath.

Q:         What do you understanding as sinning against God?
A:        Sinning against God is doing anything that God does not like and not doing what God has commanded us to do.

Q:         What can you do to deliver you from the wrath of God that your sin has caused?
A:        If I want to get out of the wrath of God I must repent and believe in the Lord Jesus, and pray unto God to forgive my past sins and to worship Him for the rest of my life.

Q:         Will God forgive you if you pray unto Him?
A:        I expect that God will forgive me if I pray to Him and I trust in His mercy because of what Jesus Christ has done and suffered for.

Q:         Who is Jesus Christ?
A:        Jesus Christ is the Son of God himself, who came from heaven to save us from our sins and from the wrath of God.

Q:         What has Jesus Christ done to save sinners?
A:        For sinners to be saved Jesus Christ obeyed the commandments of God and taught us to obey it also.

Q:         What suffering has Jesus suffered for sinners to be saved?
A:        Jesus Christ suffered death for sinners that disobey the commandments of God and are worthy of death.

Q:         Where is Jesus Christ now?
A:        Jesus Christ rose from the dead, and ascended to heaven, where he is preparing a place for all those who love Him and worship God.

Q:         Can you on your own love and worship God and Christ?
A:        I can on my own not love Him, neither can I worship God and Christ, but God will help me by His own Spirit to do so if I ask from Him.

Q:         Will Jesus Christ come back again?
A:        Jesus Christ is coming back, He will call me and the whole world to give account of what we have done.

Q:         Why would we give account?
A:        All of us will account unto God for what we did, so that the child of God and wicked people may receive reward according to what they have done.

Q:         What would be your portion if you are a wicked person?
A:        If I am a wicked person I will be sent to eternal fire in hell, among the wicked and evil ones.

Q:         Where will you go if you are a child of God?
A:        If I am a child of God I shall be taken to heaven, there I will be with God and with Jesus Christ forever. Amen.


Names In The Old Testament

Q:         Who is Adam?
A:        Adam is the first created man, and he is the father of all.

Q:         Who is Eve?
A:        Eve is the first woman to be created, and she is the mother of all.

Q:         Who is Cain?
A:        Cain is the first born of Adam, and he killed Abel his brother.

Q:         Who was Abel?
A:        Abel was more righteous than Cain, so Cain hated him.

Q:         Who was Enoch?
A:        Enoch was the man who pleased God and he was taken to heaven alive.

Q:         Who was Noah?
A:        Noah was the righteous man when the world was destroyed by water.

Q:         Who was Job?
A:        Job was the most meek man in suffering and great loss.

Q:         Who was Abraham?
A:            Abraham was an example of faith and the friend of God.

Q:         Who was Isaac?
A:        Isaac was the son of Abraham by promise.

Q:         Who was Sarah?
A:        Sarah was the wife of Abraham, and the mother of Isaac.

Q:         Who was Jacob?
A:        Jacob was the last born of Isaac, and he supplanted his brother and collected his brother’s blessing.

Q:         Who was Israel?
A:        Israel was the new name God gave to Jacob.

Q:         Who was Joseph?
A:        Joseph was the favourite son of Israel, but his brothers hated him and they sold him into slavery.

Q:         Who were the twelve patriarchs?
A:        The twelve patriarchs were the twelve sons of Jacob, and the fathers of the tribes of Israel.

Q:         Who was Pharaoh?
A:            Pharaoh was the king of Egypt, who drowned small children in the river and also was drowned into the Red sea.

Q:         Who was Moses?
A:        Moses was the deliverer and the  law giver of the children of Israel, and he took them through the desert.

Q:         Who was Aaron?
A:        Aaron was the elder brother of Moses, and the first high priest in Israel.

Q:         Who are the priests?
A:        The priests were those who make sacrifice to God, and they taught the people His laws.

Q:         Who was Joshua?
A:        Joshua was the leader of Israel after Moses had died and he took the people to the land God had promised them.
Q:         Who was Samson?
A:            Samson was a powerful man who killed a thousand of his enemies with the cheek bone of an ass.

Q:         Who was Eli?
A:        Eli was a righteous old man but faced the anger of God because he did not keep his children from bad behaviour.

Q:         Who was Samuel?
A:        Samuel was the prophet called when he was a boy.

Q:         Who were the prophets?
A:        The prophets were those whom God taught to tell what was to come and to show his way to the world.

Q:         Who was David?
A:        David was the man who God called from keeping sheep and made him king.

Q:         Who was Goliath?
A:        Goliath was the giant who David killed with sling and stones.

Q:         Who was Absalom?
A:            Absalom was the evil son of David who rebelled against his father, he was killed as he hung on the tree.

Q:         Who was Solomon?
A:            Solomon was the favourite son of David who became king and was wiser than all people.

Q:         Who was Josiah?
A:        Josiah was a small boy who became king and feared God.

Q:         Who was Isaiah?
A:        Isaiah was the prophet who told about the coming of Jesus more than others.

Q:         Who was Elijah?
A:        Elijah was the prophet who was taken to heaven in a chariot of fire.

Q:         Who was Elisha?
A:        Elisha was the prophet who some children were rude to him and two young bears tore them into pieces.

Q:         Who was Gehazi?
A:        Gehazi was the servant of Elisha who lied and was cursed with leprosy that will never be removed forever.

Q:         Who was Jonah?
A:        Jonah was the prophet who stayed for three days and three nights in the belly of a fish.

Q:         Who was Daniel?
A:        Daniel was the prophet who was kept safe in the Den of lions because he prayed to God.

Q:         Who were Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego?
A:            Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego were the three good Jews who refused to bow down to an idol, and were cast into a furnace of fire but the fire did not burn them. 

Q:         Who was Nebuchadnezzar?
A:            Nebuchadnezzar was the bad king of Babylon who became mad and was sent among the animals.

Names From The New Testament

Q:         Who was Jesus Christ?
A:        Jesus Christ is the Son of God, and He is the Saviour of the world.

Q:         Who was Joseph the Carpenter?
A:        Joseph the Carpenter was the man who was thought to be the father of Jesus Christ because he married His mother.

Q:         Who were the Jews?
A:        The Jews were the descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and God chose them to be His people.

Q:         Who are the Gentiles?
A:        The Gentiles are all those who are not Jews.

Q:         Who was Caesar?
A:        Caesar was the king of Rome and the ruler of the world.

Q:         Who was Herod The Great?
A:        Herod the Great was the king of Judea who killed small children in Bethlehem with the hope of killing Jesus.

Q:         Was there another Herod?
A:        There was another Herod, who was the king of Galilee and he beheaded John the Baptist.

Q:         Who was John the Baptist?
A:        John the Baptist was the forerunner of Jesus who proclaimed to the Jews that Christ had come.

Q:         Who are the Disciples of Christ?
A:        The Disciples of Christ are those who are learning from him as their father.

Q:         Who was Nathaniel?
A:            Nathaniel was a disciple of Jesus Christ who had no guile.

Q:         Who was Nicodemus?
A:            Nicodemus was a disciple of Jesus who feared and came to Jesus by night.

Q:         Who was Mary Magdalene?
A:        Mary Magdalene was a great sinner who washed the feet of Jesus with her tears and moped with her hair.

Q:         Who was Lazarus?
A:            Lazarus was a friend of Jesus, who Jesus raised four days after he died.

Q:         Who was Martha?
A:        Martha was the sister of Lazarus who was careful to entertain Jesus Christ.

Q:         Who was Mary the sister of Martha?
A:        Mary the sister of Martha was the one who chose the best and was ready to learn from Jesus.

Q:         Who were the Apostles?
A:        The Apostles were the twelve disciples of Jesus chosen to lead the spread of the gospel.

Q:         Who was Simon Peter?
A:        Simon Peter was the disciple who denied Jesus but later repented.

Q:         Who was John?
A:        John was the beloved disciple who reclined on Jesus’ heart at the last supper.

Q:         Who was Thomas?
A:            Thomas was the apostle who found it difficult to believe that Jesus rose from the dead.

Q:         Who was Judas Iscariot?
A:        Judas was the covetous and bad disciple who betrayed Jesus with a kiss.

Q:         Who was Caiaphas?
A:            Caiaphas was the high priest who condemned Jesus to death.

Q:         Who was Pontus Pilate?
A:        Pontus Pilate was the governor of Judea who gave the order that Jesus be crucified.

Q:         Who was Joseph of Arimathaea?
A:        Joseph of Arimathaea was the rich disciple who asked for the body of Jesus to be buried in his own tomb.

Q:         Who were the four Evangelists?
A:            Matthew, Mark, Luke and John were the four Evangelists who wrote about the story of the life and death of Jesus Christ.

Q:         Who were Ananias and Sapphira?
A:            Ananiah and Saphirah were the couple who died a shameful death because of deceit.

Q:         Who was Stephen?
A:            Stephen was the first Christian martyr.

Q:         Who was Paul?
A:        Paul was the great persecutor who later became an apostle of Jesus Christ.

Q:         Who was Dorcas?
A:        Dorcas was the good woman who made garments for the needy and she was raised from the dead.

Q:         Who was Elimas?
A:        Elimas was the wicked man who was made blind because of his opposition to the gospel.

Q:         Who was Apollos?
A:        Apollos was the minister of the gospel who was diligent and eloquent in preaching.

Q:         Who was Euthycus?
A:            Euthycus was the young man who was sleeping at the time of a sermon and fell, and was picked up dead.

Q:         Who was Timothy?
A:            Timothy was the man who knew the Holy Scripture from his childhood.

Q:         Who was Agrippa?
A:            Agrippa was a king who was almost converted to become a Christian.


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