the diocesan board
The Diocese -- Historical background

Before the creation of the Diocese of Lagos West, the Diocese of Lagos had given birth to seven Dioceses, namely the Diocese of Ibadan (1952); Ondo/Benin; (1952); Northern Nigeria; (1954); Ondo, (1962); Egba/Egbado, (1976); Ijebu (1976); and Remo, (1984).

Also, the parishes which were within the six Archdeaconries which formed the nucleus of the Diocese of Lagos West, namely:

Agege, Badagry, Ikeja, Ikorodu, Somolu and Ojo, have a long l}istory of interaction in various District Church Councils and Sub-Urban District Church Councils. As early as 1962, Badagry was grouped with Otta and Agege under what was then known as Lagos Lagoon Area Churches. From 1964-1968, it was called Lagos Lagoon Stations Provisional District Church Council. In 1972, it reverted to Badagry Pioneering Area based in Badagry town and headed by Revd. (later Archdeacon) J.I. Ogunmilade now of blessed memory and became a Provisional District Church Council in 1977. While Badagry was going through its own development, Awori and Apapa Archdeaconries were created to include Apapa, Araromi and Ojo District Church Councils. Badagry then remained part of Lagos Archdeaconry. Later in 1988, Apapa Archdeaconry was renamed Badagry Archdeaconry with the inclusion of Badagry Church Council.

According to history, what was then called Awori Archdeaconry was created on the 1st of January 1987, consisting of three District Church Councils Agege, Ikeja and Otta with the Archdeaconry headquarters at Christ Church, Agege. Ikeja District had its seat at Bola Memorial Anglican Church, Ikeja. The other churches within Ikeja District were Archbishop Vining Memorial Church (AVMC), Ikeja, Archdeacon Ogunbiyi Memorial Church, Ikeja; the Church of Ascension, Opebi, and host of others. St. James Otta reputed to be the second oldest church in Nigeria was the headquarters of the churches in Otta District Church Council.

Later in 1990, what is now known as Ikeja Archdeaconry was carved out of Awori Archdeaconry with its headquarters at Archbishop Vining Memorial Church (now the
Cathedral) and its first Archdeacon was Ven. Dr. Peter. Awe1ewa Adebiyi (now the Bishop of the Diocese). Other churches in Ikeja, Oshodi, Isagatedo and Mafoluku then became part of the Ikeja Archdeaconry. Churches in Maidan and Mende under the old Sub-Urban District Council and Churches in Ketu, which were formerly under Ebute-Metta Archdeaconry later, became part of the Ikeja Archdeaconry.

The residue of the Awori Archdeaconry was renamed Agege Archdeaconry. It consisted of all the Churches within Agege, Ipaja, Idimu, and in Otta area. The Archdeaconry had since developed in size and number of churches.

The Ojo Archdeaconry was formerly composed of a group of churches administered by Awori District Church Council from Agege and Otta at different times, until Apapa District Church Council was created to embrace among others, Ojo group of churches. The present Ojo Archdeaconry was created out of Badagry Archdeaconry on 20th June 1994 with its headquarters at St. Michael's Church, Ojo.

The history of the Anglican Church in Ikorodu shows that churches now under the Ikorodu Archdeaconry were at one time or the other under the Lagos Sub-Urban District Council with headquarters at Odi-Olowo and later at Ido-Oro, both in the Diocese of Lagos. In 1994, several churches in Ikorodu and its environs were merged with Somolu Archdeaconry and that arrangement lasted till 1996 when Ikorodu Archdeaconry wa~ created. The present Somolu Archdeaconry was the old Somolu District Church Council, created out of the Lagos Sub-Urban District Church Council. Somolu/Ikorodu Archdeaconry was created in 1994, whilst Somolu Archdeaconry came into being in August 1996.

This historical background would not be complete without mentioning the Diocesans who over the years have laboured to build the Diocese of Lagos, which is the 'mother' Diocese to the Diocese of Lagos West. They are: Rt. Rev. F. Melville Jones (1919940); The Rt. Revd. L.G Vining (1940-55); The Rt. Revd. A.W. Howells II (1955-63); The Rt. Revd. S.L Kale (1963-74); The Rt. Revd. F.O. Segun (1974-85), and The Most Revd. J .A. Adetiloye (1985-1999).

The Conception and Birth of the Diocese:
Constitutionally, the creation of a Diocese in the Anglican Communion had to pass through a set process. In 1997, nine years after The Most Revd Abiodun Adetiloye had given thought to the restructuring of then Diocese, the matter was discussed at the Diocesan Board, meeting of the Diocese of Lagos. , The Board then set up a Committee, which was headed by Chief G.O.K. Ajayi, (SAN). The committee was mandated to consider the way forward in terms of future administration of the Diocese of Lagos and its position as it concerns the Primatial Seat.

At the end of extensive deliberation and consultations, which included taking of oral evidence from the various churches and individuals, the Committee recommended the sub-division of the then Diocese of Lagos into three autonomous Dioceses; one of which was the Diocese of Lagos West

Usually, according to Hon. Justice B.O. Ogunade, who later headed the Implementation Committee for the creation of the Diocese of Lagos West and now the first and current Chancellor of the Diocese, "the creation of a Diocese may emanate from the Archdeaconries or upon the initiative of the Diocesan Bishop, or even the Diocesan Board". But because God was moving ahead of the church, the decision to create the Diocese in question came from the Diocesan level. Thus at its meeting of April 18, 1999, the Diocesan Board of the Diocese of Lagos, accepted the recommendations of the Committee and gave approval for the creation of the Diocese of Lagos West.

The Midwives
The most Senior Archdeacon in the then proposed Diocese of Lagos West, Ven Joseph Ibikunle Ipininoye galvanized his people into action and then the first meeting that gave flesh to the decision that a new Diocese be created was held. The meeting was inaugurated and presided over by Hon Justice G A. Oguntade,  the current Chancellor of the Diocese of Lagos and now a Justice of the Supreme Court of Nigeria, who later invited Hon Justice B. O. Ogunade to take over from him after the inauguration

The meeting was attended by the Archdeacons, secretaries, treasurers and one or two other representatives from the constituent Archdeaconries. At that meeting were also Mr. Bambo Adesanya (now a Senior Advocate of Nigeria), and pioneer Registrar of the Diocese; Mr. Toyin Okeowo; the current Diocesan Treasurer, and one of the initiators of the Covenant Seed Scheme and Mrs. Comfort Akindolire, the current Synod Lay Secretary of the Diocese. All these people formed the nucleus that first brainstormed on the proposed Diocese, and became what was later known as the Implementation Committee.

After a brainstorming session, the group took some decisions, which included a reference to the Archdeaconries for a resolution consenting to be part of the proposed Diocese. The constituent Archdeaconry Boards met and passed resolutions consenting to be part of the proposed Diocese. A formal request for the creation of the Diocese was thereafter made to the Bishop of Lagos who took the matter to the Synod of the Diocese in 1999. The formal request was signed by 32 representatives of the proposed Diocese, and it stated partly thus:

"Further to the proposal of the Board of the Diocese of Lagos made at its meeting of 13th February 1999 to carve out another Diocese out of the existing Diocese of Lagos, we the undersigned, who are authorized representatives of the six archdeaconries which make up the proposed Diocese of Lagos West have jointly agreed at our meeting of the 10th May, 1999 to form the said diocese ... without fear of contradiction that the proposed Diocese will be quite viable in every regard". At the Synod, Hon. Justice Oguntade formally moved the motion for' the creation of a new Diocese. The motion was unanimously carried thus; the Synod gave approval for the creation of the Diocese. It is noteworthy that immediately the motion for the creation of the Diocese was passed, The Most Rev. Dr. Abiodun Adetiloye handed over a Crucier to Hon. Justice B.O. Ogunade, a member of the proposed Diocese, for it to be presented to the Bishop of the Diocese at its inauguration. Thereafter, the Committee worked tirelessly such that by July 2, 1999, Archbishop J. A. Adetiloye was able to present a formal application to the Dean of the Church of Nigeria; in the said application, he stated inter alias thus: "I commend to you and the Church of Nigeria, the application for the creation of Diocese of Lagos West out of present Lagos. What remained of Lagos Diocese after the creation of Remo Diocese in 1984 has grown very rapidly particularly since 1986 by which the Diocese had a total of 66 clergymen comprising of 50 full time and 16 part timers with 101 out of 161 Churches without counting Catechists or even Church Agents. Now of the 253 churches, there are a total of 340 clergymen. The proposed Diocese of Lagos West covers Ikeja, Agege, Badagry, Ojo, Somolu and Ikorodu Archdeaconries. And I believe that it should be quite viable. I therefore have no hesitation in commending it to you for approval."

The immediate challenge, which the Implementation Committee faced, was that there was virtually no precedent for them to follow as regard workload. They depended on God's guidance, their own initiative, intuition and the scanty information they could gather here and there. The Committee however faced the challenge headlong.

A format was adopted and work began in earnest, within a short period after its inauguration, far reaching decisions had been taken. Various sub-committees had been established. The committees included the Logo Committee, the Finance and Budget Committee, Historical, Information, Statistical and Publicity Committees. These sub-committees took over the implementation of decisions reached at the general meetings.

By Wednesday September 1999, a meeting of representatives from the parishes of the constituent Archdeaconries was called. This was in order to an update report to members on the development so far, and to more of their support and cooperation. The Chairman of the Implementation Committee chaired the meeting and read out the following:

Sequel to the pronouncement of the Primate and Diocesan at the Diocesan Board meeting, preceding the second session of the 27th Synod of the intention to carve a new Diocese out of the existing Diocese of Lagos, a meeting of the affected Archdeaconries concerned in the proposed New Diocese was convened on Monday 26th April, 1999. At the meeting, the Diocesan Assistant Registrar, Hon. Justice B. O. Ogunade and representatives of the Six Archdeaconries of Ikeja, Agege, Ojo, Somolu, Ikorodu and Badagry were present.

At that first meeting, it was decided that the representatives from each of the six Archdeaconries should constitute the Central Working Committee formed to work on the modalities for the take off of the proposed Diocese.

It was agreed at the meeting that the name of the Proposed Diocese be Diocese of Lagos West.

Some committees were also set up. These include:-
1.         Historical Committee
2.         Information and Statistics Committee
3.         Viability Committee
4.         Committee on Logo and Map of the proposed Diocese
5.         Committee on Diocesan Headquarters and Bishop's Seat
6.         Fund Raising Committee; and
7.         Implementation Committee, which has the duty to coordinate the activities of the other committees.
Funding:        It was agreed that each Archdeaconry should contribute an amount of N10, 000.00 each to a float for preliminary expenses. All the Archdeaconries paid the levy. 

 Diocesan Headquarters
After consideration of facilities and amenities, and after a sober consideration of the enormous expenses involved it was unanimously agreed that the Bishop's Seat for the proposed Diocese be at Archbishop Vining Memorial Church, G.R.A. Ikeja.

The Central Working Committee continued to meet every Monday for some time.

At the subsequent meetings, the report of the various committees were submitted. Included in the reports was the Budget proposals, presented by the Finance and Budget Committee for about N19.1million for the New Diocese for the period October to December, 1999 assuming the Diocese is inaugurated in October. Provisions were made for the pre-inauguration, Inauguration and Enthronement Expenditure and other Capital and Recurrent Expenditure. This was to be funded by Special Assessment, Special Collection, in Churches and Fund Raising activities (including Breakfast Fellowship on Archdeaconry Basis). This should have been passed on to various parishes through the respective Archdeaconries for implementation.

Also the plan of the proposed Diocese was made, and a presentable Logo was designed. This logo was designed to represent the historical, theological, economic and social status of the areas comprised in the proposed Diocese.

All these information and statistics were collated and compiled and signed by all your representatives of the Six Archdeaconry on Monday 10th May, 1999.

The Application for the New Diocese was formally presented to the Primate and Diocesan Lagos Diocese on Friday 13th May, 1999, by a team of delegates from the Archdeaconries led by the Hon. Justice B.O. Ogunade who is the Chairman of the Central Working Committee.

You will all recollect that special resolutions were made and passed approving the recommendation for the creation of Diocese of Lagos West, at the second session of the 27th Synod of the Diocese of Lagos. Those resolutions were passed on 19th May, 1999.

The Application for the Creation of Diocese of Lagos West has since been compiled in booklet form and submitted to the General Secretary of the Church of Nigeria, for approval at the General Synod coming up later this month.

The Central Working Committee has been meeting on monthly basis since then but sub-committees are working on daily basis.

Response Received so far:-
Some Archdeaconries have been responding positively to the demands especially in the area of finance and other contribution but it appears response has been generally slow especially in the areas of Special Sunday Collections.

Agege and Ikorodu Archdeaconries have already held the Breakfast Fellowship. Others are working on this.

Agege, Badagry, Ojo and Ikeja Archdeaconries have contributed substantial part of the special assessment levied on them and special collections from various parishes. Archbishop Vining Memorial Church, as the Proposed Bishop's seat was levied specially and this has been fully paid-up. Also a society in the Church (A VMC) has taken up the provision of the Bishop's throne. Furthermore, some individual members of the Church have offered to take up the provision of furniture for the Bishop's Office.

Already the rooms have been allocated for the various offices for the Diocesan and Administrative works. Plans are on to secure a permanent structure for the Bishop's Court.
We shall continue to pray for the favourable consideration of the Application by the General Synod, and also for the right leadership for the New Diocese from the very beginning.

While it is appreciated that the demands on Churches in other areas of finance continue to increase, we should stand rest assured that God is no man's debtor. Let us continuously remember the exhortation of St. Paul in 2 Cor. 9: 8.

“… God is able to make all grace abound toward you, that you, always having all          sufficiency in all things, have an abundance for every good work.”

(That was the full text of the update given to parish members on the proposed Diocese)

By the time the meeting of November 8 1999, was held, it was certain that the Diocese would take off without any hitch. The take off of the Diocese was dramatic. It was a matter of God working His purpose out. . It started from the scratch.

Individuals and all churches contributed generously to the take off. Ikeja Archdeaconry donated the first Bishop's car. AVMC paid the first rent for the Bishop's Court. In addition to cash contributions, many churches gave material donation. Due to prudent management, the Implementation Committee had a surplus of about N3million left after the inauguration of the Diocese".

In response to a question as to whether the Committee faced any problems in setting up the Diocese, Hon Justice Ogunade stated, "I can tell you that all those who worked towards the establishment of the Diocese, worked with one mind. There was no grudge there was no acrimony. People came for meetings. We recorded about 80 per cent attendance at our meetings. That was why the creation of the Diocese turned out to be a success". We must sincerely be grateful to the Implementation Committee members and everybody who worked in one Committee or the other towards the success of the inauguration", Ogunade said, while acknowledging that God was behind the creation of the Diocese, he said:

"All glory must be given to God. Though we had nothing to work with,' the diocese was established without the kind of stress one could have had in such a situation". In order that the new Diocese would be focused from the beginning, the Committee adopted the Vision and Mission statement of the Diocese. It seemed that was novel, but there was a meeting of the mind with the Bishop of the Diocese who formulated and adopted a "Vision and Mission Statement" as its content coincided with his own Vision and Mission in the new Diocese.



The mission statement of the Diocese includes:

To ensure a sustained growth in the number of churches and worshipers within the diocese;- t 0 continue to enhance the mode of worship, teach and preach the word in all our churches thereby creating worshipers for the kingdom of hea en;

To assist every member in the understanding and practice of the 39 Articles of Faith-to develop and inspire in every church the principle of self-sufficiency and Christian generosity, thereby ensuring a strong and viable diocese;-

To continue to promote peaceful and cordial relationship with the Diocese of Lagos to ensure the success of our common commitment. The Vision and Mission Statement has since become a kind of catechism recited in all publications in the Diocese.

And A Child Was Born Unto Us
Through hard work and perseverance, the Diocese came into being on November 20 1999. The then Primate of the Anglican Church, The Most Rev. (Dr.) Joseph Abiodun AdetiIoye performed the inauguration of the new Diocese and during the same service the enthronement of The Rt. Revd. Dr. Peter Awelewa Adebiyi as the pioneer Bishop of the Diocese of Lagos West took place at the Archbishop Vining Memorial Church Cathedra (AVMCC), Ikeja on the said date The Bishop of Jos, The Rt. Revd Benjamin that would the first Diocese created with Vision and Mission Statement already spelt out. And he gave a challenge to members of the new Diocese to live up to the challenges of the Vision.  

Anglican church, being a church that recognizes and follows the rule of Law, the legal process of the making of a Statutory Church was properly followed and necessary documents were signed and countersigned.


The Deeds of Relinquishment and subsequent Acceptance were executed as follows


(Anglican Communion)

20TH NOVEMBER, 1999.

This Deed of Relinquishment made this 20th day of November in the year of our Lord One Thousand Nine Hundred and Ninety Nine (1999) Between the MOST REVEREND JOSEPH ABIODUN ADETILOYE, B.D., D.D., Dip. Th. A. K. C. By Devine Permission, Bishop of Diocese of Lagos in the Church of Nigeria, (Anglican Communion), Archbishop's Palace, Marina, Lagos of the one part, and The Right REVD. (DR.) PETER AWELEWA ADEBIYI, B.A., M.A., Ph. D, Dip. Th., by Divine Permission elected by translation on Wednesday 29th September One Thousand Nine Hundred and Ninety-Nine, as the Bishop of Diocese of Lagos West to be presently inaugurated during this Divine Service, of the other part.


  1. On the 12th day of April, 1799, the Church Missionary Society, hereinafter referred to as the C. M. S. was founded in England.
  1. The West African Mission of the society was inaugurated on the 14th day of April 1822.


  1. Rev. Henry Townsend of the Church Missionary Society accompanied by Andrew William arrived in Badagry on the 11th day of December, 1842.
  1. On the 6th of February 1848, the first converts in Yorubaland were admitted by baptism into the Church of Christ at Abeokuta.


  1. On the Feast of Saint Peter, 1864, Samuel Ajayi Crowther was consecrated a Bishop of the Church of England in Western Territory beyond the British Dominions by the Archbishop of Canterbury
  1. On October 18th, the feast of Saint Luke the Evangelist and Physician, in the year 1919, the Venerable Francis Melville Jones, Archdeacon of Yoruba Territory was consecrated a Bishop of the Church of England for certain parts of Western Equatorial Africa beyond the limits of the British Dominion and was assigned to the Western portion.


  1. On the 25th day of March in the year of our Lord, 1920 the Warrant assigning respective jurisdictions to the Bishops of Western Equatorial Africa was revoked.      " ',-
  1. The division of the Western Equatorial Africa Diocese into two Dioceses which synchronized with the retirement of Bishop Tugwell on the 4th March, 1921 brought the succession of Archdeacon F.M. Jones who had been consecrated on the 18th October, 1919 to the Western portion of the 'old Diocese under the title Diocese of Lagos.


  1. The Diocese of Lagos on its creation in 1919 comprised the whole of the Western and Northern parts of what is now geographically called Nigeria, and the Diocese over the years gave birth to other Diocese namely:-
      1. Diocese of Ibadan created in 1952
      2. Diocese of Ondo-Benin created in 1952
      3. Diocese of Northern Nigeria created in 1954 (iv) Diocese of Ondo created in 1962
      4. Diocese of Egba/Egbado created in 1976
      5. Diocese of Ijebu created in 1976 and
      6. Diocese of Remo created in 1984
  1. After the said Remo Diocese was created, the residue of the Diocese of Lagos was divided into several Archdeaconries for effective evangelical outreach under the Rt. Rev. Festus Oluwole Segun M. A. , D. D., by Divine Permission the then Bishop of Lagos until his retirement.


  1. The Archdeaconries in the Diocese were reorganized, by Rt. Rev. Joseph Abiodun Adetiloye B. D., Djp. Th., A.K.C upon his being translated in 1985 to the See of Lagos and subsequently into eleven Archdeaconries namely Lagos, Ebute-Metta, Idi-Oro, Apapa, Epe, Ikeja, Agege, Ojo, Somolu, Badagry and Ikorodu.
  1. Under the Most Revd Joseph Abiodun Adetiloye B.D., D.D., Dip. Th., A.K.C by divine permission of the Lord Bishop of Lagos, Archbishop, Primate and Metropolitan of the Church of Nigeria, the work of evangelism and the spread of the gospel in the Diocese of Lagos flourished so much the need for a further Diocese out of the Diocese of Lagos became glaring and imperative.


  1. At the Diocesan Board meeting of the Diocese of Lagos held on 13th of April 1999, the said Board gave approval to a proposal for the creation of the Diocese of Lagos West out of the Diocese of Lagos, comprising the Ikeja, Agege, Somolu, Badagry, 0)0 and Ikorodu Archdeaconries.
  1. By letter dated 10th May, 1999 to His Grace, the Most Revd., (Dr.) J. Adetiloye, in his capacity as Bishop of Lagos, representatives of the clergy and Laity of the aforementioned six Archdeaconries formally requested for the creation of the Diocese of Lagos West, and this request was unanimously considered and approved by the Synod of the Diocese of Lagos on the 17th of May, 1999.


  1. The General Synod of the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion) at Its meeting held at Archbishop Vining Memorial Church, Ikeja on the 27th of September 1999, and acting under the provisions of Article 39(a), Chapter IX of the Constitution and Canons of the Church of Nigeria 1997, formally gave Its consent and approval to the creation of the Diocese of Lagos West.
  1. Pursuant to the creation of the said Diocese of Lagos West, the Rt. Revd (Dr) Peter Awelewa Adebiyi B.A., M.A., Ph.D, Dip. Th. has lately been translated to the Diocese of Lagos West as its first Bishop.


NOW THEREFORE this Deed of Relinquishment witnesses that in fulfillment of all the conditions laid down by the provisions of the Constitution of the Church of Nigeria, The Most Reverend Joseph Abiodun Adetiloye BD., D.D., Dip. Th. A.K.C aforesaid, the Lord Bishop of Lagos Diocese, o( the one part, on behalf of himself and his successors in office has agreed and hereby signifies his intention to RELINQUISH to the Right Reverend (Dr) Peter Awelewa Adebiyi B.A., M.A., Ph.D, Dip. Th . of the other part, for himself and the new Diocese of LAGOS WEST, jurisdiction over the aforesaid Ikeja, Agege, Somolu, Badagry, Ojo and Ikorodu Archdeaconries.

The parties hereto hereby declare that the authority, Episcopal and Ordinary hitherto exercised by the aforesaid The Most Reverend Joseph Abiodun Adetiloye, B.D., D.D., Dip. Th., A.K.C. Over the Ikeja, Agege, Somolu, Badagry, Ojo and Ikorodu Archdeaconries be hereby relinquished to and be hereby vested in the Right Reverend (Dr) Peter Awelewa Adebiyi BA., M.A., Ph.D., Dip. Th., and his successors in the said office of the Bishop of LAGOS WEST DIOCESE to the intent that the said Ikeja, Agege, Somolu, Badagry, Ojo and Ikorodu Archdeaconries be constituted the Diocese of LAGOS WEST. PROVIDED THAT all institutions, companies and other after the execution of this Deed be jointly owned and administered by the Diocese of Lagos and the Diocese of Lagos West, irrespective of where they are situated, through the instrumentality of a Permanent Commission of the Synods of both Diocese or any other body or bodies created or approved by both Diocese.

IN WITNESS hereof the parties hereto, with the authority of His Grace, The Most Reverend Joseph Abiodun Adetiloye, B.D., D.D., Dip. Th. A.K.C. Archbishop, Primate and Metropolitan of the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion) in that capacity. have-hereunto set their respective hands and seals the day and the year first above written:-

Singed and sealed:      __________________________________________
Lord Bishop of Diocese of Lagos West

Signed and Sealed:     __________________________________________
Archbishop, Primate and Metropolitan
Of the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion)



(Anglican Communion)


We, The Bishop, THE RT. REVD PETER AWELEWA ADEBIYI BA M.A., Ph.D, Dip. Th, The Chancellor, The Archdeacons The Canons and Lay Representatives, on behalf of the Clergy and Laity of the DIOCESE OF LAGOS WEST to be presently inaugurated, do hereby without any reservation, signify our consent to the actions already taken under the provisions of Article 39( a) Chapter IX and Article 43 Chapter X of the Constitution and Canons of the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion) 1997, and accept responsibilities for the administration of the new Diocese of Lagos West to be inaugurated during this divine service, comprising:-
Ikeja Archdeaconry
Agege Archdeaconry
Ojo Archdeaconry
Badagry Archdeaconry
Somolu Archdeaconry
Ikorodu Archdeaconry

We do hereby undertake to adopt as our Constitution, for the time being, the Constitution of the Diocese of Lagos subject to necessary modification, and we agree to abide by the provisions of the said Constitution until such time as a new Constitution of the Diocese of Lagos West shall be presented and approved by the Provincial Synod in accordance with Article 39(f) Chapter IX of the Constitution and Canons of the Church of Nigeria 1997.

We do hereby solemnly promise to abide by the Constitution and Canons of the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion) and pledge our loyalty and obedience to the Primate, Archbishop and Metropolitan of the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion) and his successors, so help us God.

Signed:             ___________________________________________________
Bishop of Lagos West, on behalf of the DIOCESE OF LAGOS WEST

Signed:             ___________________________________________________
On behalf of the Laity of the DIOCESE OF LAGOS WEST

Signed: ___________________________________________________
On behalf of the Clergy of the DIOCESE OF LAGOS WEST

In the presence of: _______________________________________________
Primate, Archbishop and Metropolitan of the Church of Nigeria

And the instrument of Constitution and Inauguration of the Diocese was also executed.





  1. As set out in the Deeds of Relinquishment and Acceptance just read and executed, the work of God in the .Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion) in the Ikeja, Agege, Somolu, Badagry, Ojo and Ikorodu Archdeaconries of the Diocese of Lagos has developed so well as to justify the constitution of the said Archdeaconries into an autonomous See, under the tittle of the Diocese of Lagos west.
  2. The Diocese of Lagos has duly petitioned the General Synod of the Church of Nigeria to constitute the said Archdeaconries into a Diocese.
  3. The aforesaid General Synod, pursuant to Article 39(a) Chapter IX of the Constitution and Canons of the Church of Nigeria has duly considered the petition and, after taking all measures necessary for the formation of a new Diocese, granted the said petition in the month of September, One Thousand Nine Hundred and Ninety nine.
  4. The Episcopal Synod, duly and in accordance with Article 43 Chapter X of the constitution and Canons of the Church of Nigeria, translated Rt. Reverend (Dr) Peter Awelewa Adebiyi B. A., M.A., Ph.D., Dip. Th., to be Bishop of the said Diocese.
  5. The translation was, in accordance with the said Article 43 of the same Chapter, confirmed by us,
  6. The said Rt. Revd. Peter Awelewa Adebiyi who was duly consecrated Bishop on the 26th day of May 1993 in accordance with Article 2 Cannon IV of the Constitution and Canons of the Church of Nigeria took the Oath of Canonical Obedience to us, was elected by translation on the 29th of September 1999 as Bishop of the See of Lagos West and has duly executed the Deeds of Relinquishment of Acceptance in our presence.

NOW THEREFORE, WE Joseph Abiodun Adetiloye, By Divine Permission, Archbishop, Primate and Metropolitan of the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion) hereby constitute and inaugurate the Archdeaconries of Ikeja, Agege, Somolu, Badagry, Ojo and Ikorodu of the Diocese of Lagos, the DIOCES OF LAGOS WEST; IN THE NAME OF THE FATHER, AND OF THE SON AND OF THE HOLY GHOST AMEN.

Dated this 20th day of November, 1999
+ Abiodun Lagos

The ceremonies were witnessed by unprecedented congregation and visitors.


To the work.

Almost immediately, the work progressed in establishing the new Diocese on a sure footing. Same minds, they say, think alike. The Elected bishop for the new Diocese, The Rt. Revd Peter Awelewa Adebiyi, himself being familiar to the area, having as an  Archdeacon in the now Old Lagos Diocese, before he was elected as the bishop of Owo Diocese in 1993, was coming with a great zeal for Evangelism and Church Planting. So the letter and the Spirit of the Vision and Statement, which were in agreement with his own personal ambition for the new Diocese i.e. “Aggressive Evangelism and Youth Development, gave him a confidence that he was in the right place to actualize his God given mission.

The first general meeting of the Diocesan officials and church officers was held on 9th December, 1999. At this meeting the bishop discussed the line of action with the parish representatives and pronounced the Ven. Tope Adewumi as the acting secretary to be assisted by Mrs. Comfort Olateju Akindolire. These will serve on the acting until the Synod when the substantive secretaries will be appointed.

The Legal officer set on to get the Diocese a legal status, the Diocese was registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission, and thereby got incorporated.

The formal Constitution was put in place, and this registered with the Church of Nigeria.

The Diocesan then began to put the necessary machineries to work Ministries and Chaplaincies were set up with Directors and Chaplains appointed. These Ministries include:

Elderly Ministry with the Rev (later Ven L. L. Eso) as the Director;
Youth Chaplaincy with the Rev (now Ven) OlaOluwa Adeyemi as the Chaplain;
Sunday School Chaplaincy with the Rev (now Canon) Michael A.O. Abraham-Odumuyiwa as the Chaplain;
The Brigade Council with the Rev ‘Sina Ayanlere as the Chaplain;
Hospital and Prison Ministry with the Ven B. O. Okunnuga as the Director; and
The Ven ‘Tunde Owoyele works with Mama Bishop as the Chaplain for the Women Organisation.

All these and many others that came up later went into work and are still doing great exploit in different part of the membership of the Diocese.

Later in the year 2000, more archdeaconries were inaugurated as the need arose for easy and better administration. These included Isolo, Awori, Kosofe and Festac Archdeaconries. This resulted in a great harvest of souls through Church planting. Close to 200 churches had been planted since the inception of the Diocese; and there are still more to be planted as there still remain many areas of the Diocese to be reached with the gospel of Jesus because Christ is meant to be for all Nations and every land must have the gospel, even if only the Diocese of Lagos West.

Written by Canon Abraham Odumuyiwa


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