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One of the greatest gifts God has giving us is that of being a true friend to us. The scripture tells us that ?As Iron sharpen iron, so a man sharpens the countenance of his friend? Proverbs 27:17, that is one of the benefits of having a true friend. In our text today, Job, a man who feared the Lord fell into calamity because Satan insisted on confirming his allegiance to God. It was indeed a devastating experience. He lost all his children, estate, and investments all in one day. The supposed closest person to him (his wife) would not even give him the comfort he needed in his greatest time of grief. But thank God for his three friends, whose presence was of great relieve to him. They empathise with him and felt his grief. They identified with him in his low estate and wept with him. They were true friends. Today, we have so many close friends but it is still hard to come by a true one, who regardless of what he sees or hears about us will not judge us but rather understand our deepest pains, console and defend our weaknesses. This is what we find in Jesus. Consider what the Bible says about Him in Hebrews 4:15b ?for we do not have a high priest who is unable to empathise with our weaknesses? The Lord Jesus so much desire to be your true friend but that cannot be so if you are yet to accept Him into your life. Giving your life to Jesus is the first step to having a cordial relationship with Him. Today, I re-introduce this friend to you. If you hold unto Him and rely totally on Him, He will come to your rescue and soothe your pains.

MEDITATION- Proverbs 18:24b.

PRAYER- ? Father, you are indeed a trusted friend, help me to always stay connected to you in Jesus name. ? Father, we ask that you send to us reliable friends in difficult time, In Jesus Name. Amen.





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